1. Abstract

Experience the future of fitness with our AI Sports Challenge Service, Welcome to a brand new era of exercise - LILLIUS.

Get ready to have fun while exercising, just like playing a game!

Our exercise service not only improves your skills but also rewards you for following along.

Experience the training challenges of sports stars and enjoy the journey to a healthier you with LILLIUS!

LILLIUS is a Web3 and AI motion recognition sports challenge platform built on blockchain technology. With the power of smartphone camera-based AI motion analysis, you can maximize the efficiency of your workouts and earn rewards based on your training efforts.

Join our world-class Olympic stars, including marine boy Park Taehwan, and table tennis fairy Shin Yubin, along with renowned athletes from around the world, in our exciting training programs. Experience sports challenges like never before in a simple and enjoyable way.

Immerse yourself in special exercise lessons led by real athletes, featuring physical training programs tailored for each sport event and professional skill lessons. Our vertical high-definition content is designed for optimal viewing on smartphones, with future plans to expand online services to 176 countries, including integration with smart TVs. Moreover, we'll offer more effective training programs by combining online experiences with offline on-site lessons. Embrace the future of fitness with LILLIUS!

LILLIUS offers an exercise challenge that guarantees usersโ€™ successful daily workout simply by following it every day.

LILLIUS offers a comprehensive range of training programs, including Olympic events that demand professional coaching, and daily exercises like squats, golf, tennis, cross country, and home training. Each exercise is presented as a unique 'Challenge' experience.

LILLIUS incorporates gamification elements to not just simply follow exercise movements but also to increase user engagement and encourage continuous workouts.

These gamification elements include:

1) Motion recognition in both exercise and content itself, enabling the app to detect user movements.

2) Immediate display of scores for each exercise motion, providing instant feedback to the user.

3) Utilization of characters or avatars within the app, allowing users to perceive themselves as a 'sub-character' and fostering a sense of identification.

By integrating these gamification elements, LILLIUS aims to enhance user participation and motivate users to maintain their workout routines consistently.

LILLIUS rewards users with digital assets based on the achievement of their goals through challenges.

Users can earn rewards by turning on the LILLIUS app and following the workouts and challenges.

All users will be rewarded for watching and following video content curated by sports stars. The app encourages users to stay fit and have fun while exercising.

Bringing Web2 users from the sports industry into the Web3 ecosystem.

By bridging the offline sports industry and onboarding Web2 users to the Web3 platform, our goal is to expand the blockchain ecosystem within the sports industry globally. LILLIUS, a Web3 reward-based sports challenge platform, utilizes AI motion recognition to measure users' exercise progress, acknowledging their contribution to the "LILLIUS ecosystem" through the accumulation of exercise data. Fair compensation is provided to users who actively participate as "contributors" in the exercise process. The fair reward is given to users based on their participation and the scores they have acquired through training. LILLIUS rewards Web2 users with points and encourage them to adopt Web3 where they can earn more rewards. As users develop a regular exercise routine, they not only build a healthier lifestyle but also contribute to the growth of the "LILLIUS" ecosystem, earning rewards as independent and valued members.

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