3. Project Background

LILLIUS has been committed to the world of sports and cutting-edge technology. Our mission has always been to build a world where exercise brings joy and happiness to everyone.

LILLIUS is a sports tech company dedicated to creating a world where sports can be enjoyed easily and joyfully, powered by AI human motion analysis technology. We have introduced exercise content and sports challenge products designed for remote consumption. Our services have expanded to offer rewards based on personal exercise data, along with NFTs, digital assets, and goods production technology and infrastructure.

In 2023, LILLIUS is proud to launch the Training & Earn ecosystem, which allows users to mine digital assets through their body's movements, not just through devices. From home training to sports like golf, table tennis, and taekwondo, every exercise movement is matched and rewarded through our [Follow Matching] system.

Leading the exercise industry through innovative integration of exercise and new technology

The athletics industry continues to evolve thanks to advances in technology. LILLIUS utilizes artificial intelligence, big data, and wearable devices, which are the core technologies of the 4th industrial era, to analyze individual physical fitness levels, exercise habits, and goals to create optimal exercise programs. This allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your workout. In addition, the technology to evaluate exercise effects by analyzing data obtained through exercise programs is gradually developing.

LILLIUS collects and analyzes personal exercise data, evaluates the effect of personalized exercise, and provides various functions such as recommending customized exercise. In the field of exercise system development, we are developing a system that provides a more realistic exercise experience by linking virtual reality (VR) technology with exercise machines.

Based on our experience in providing sports content services, we present the AI Web3 Sports Challenge platform, LILLIUS Service, which combines AI motion analysis technology and blockchain technology.

With exhilarating elements like Exciting Challenge, Share, and Rewards, our aim is to establish a regular exercise routine

Regular exercise is undoubtedly the most beneficial activity for our bodies. However, many struggle to practice it consistently. LILLIUS addresses these challenges by offering gamified content and services using advanced technologies, making it easier for users to maintain a regular exercise routine.

As a rewarding platform for healthy movement, LILLIUS creates a world where everyone can enjoy sports with ease and joy. Users have the opportunity to exercise alongside world-class sports players and receive rewards based on their personal exercise data, accessible anytime and anywhere.

[Exciting Challenge Contents]

LILLIUS fosters an environment where users can relish in the thrill of competing and savoring sports. We curate and offer content designed to enhance technical skills and physical fitness across various sports. Each content is presented as a challenge, structured with specific exercise levels and durations. Challenges span daily and two-week periods, promoting consistent engagement.

Moreover, LILLIUS doesn't just support individual challenges; we also provide a battle mode for exercise challenges, enabling users to revel in sports while joyfully competing. This innovation brings the essence of traditional offline events and activities to the online realm, enhancing the overall sports experience.

[Share Records]

With the ability to rank my challenge training records and instantly share details like total challenge points, exercise time, and calories burned to social media, LILLIUS encourages users to share their lifelong exercise achievements, surpassing milestones like 'Oh Haun' and 'O Unwan'.

[Get Rewards]

LILLIUS offers continuous exercise motivation by rewarding points and LLT (digital asset) based on participation rate, score, and progress completion. Our segmented sports content includes enjoyable challenges in golf, table tennis, and taekwondo. With real-time exercise recognition through smartphone cameras, users can earn LLT (LILLIUS Token) as a digital asset when their exercise score exceeds 70 points, contributing to a healthy blockchain ecosystem.

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