6.2 Healthcare Content for Generation MZ

The MZ generation is passionate about embracing challenges

The MZ generation highly values the concept of 'routineization,' where small habits lead to personal growth. They are committed to maintaining self-promises, referring to consistent habits as 'rituals.' This 'Challenge' culture, which involves setting and sharing goals and plans in daily life, has gained popularity among the MZ generation, as it allows them to experience personal growth and self-realization through consistent practice.

Among these challenges, "Exercise" holds the highest interest, with 72.2% of the MZ generation running or aspiring to run this challenge. The primary reason for engaging in this challenge is to prioritize their health, accounting for 50.6%.

LILLIUS aims to become the go-to exercise service for the MZ generation, providing various challenge contents, including professional sports and home training, to support their pursuit of regular exercise, which aligns with their 'routine' and 'challenge' culture.

The MZ generation, known as the 'newborn', is enthusiastic about exercising with proper posture.

The MZ generation, with a strong interest in regular exercise for health management, prioritizes information on "exercise skills and posture." Specifically, Generation Z seeks details on "exercise routines and cycles" and desires to manage their bodies in a well-balanced manner through correct posture during exercises.

To address these needs, LILLIUS employs a 1:1 training coaching approach led by Olympic medalists and sports stars, who are exercise experts. This ensures that users learn the correct posture for each exercise through repeated coaching sessions, tailored to meet the preferences of the MZ generation.

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