6.1 Characteristics and trends of Gen MZ

The MZ generation, also known as digital natives, represents those who are eager to be born into the digital era

The MZ generation, often referred to as the "newly born," embraces life with enthusiasm and pride. The term "Godsaeng," combining God and life, encapsulates their approach to living. They find inspiration in even the smallest changes, prioritize setting meaningful goals, and strive to lead purposeful lives. Efficiently managing their time, they seek meaningful experiences and share their daily lives on social media. Below are the detailed characteristics of the MZ generation.

1. The trend of self-identification with avatars, the heyday of avatars

The MZ generation finds vicarious satisfaction in expressing their desired appearance through avatars. This trend goes beyond mere individualization and reflects the acceptance of various selves within individuals. Leveraging the fluidity of ego, the metaverse offers a platform for embodying diverse characters beyond the boundaries of reality. In line with this concept, LILLIUS aims to provide a service enabling users to engage as their alter characters through character-based NFTs.

2. The MZ generation is a group of digital natives who primarily spend their time online

Being digital natives, the MZ generation is well-versed in SNS, virtual world social activities, and the virtual currency market. They are accustomed to navigating diverse digital information sources and readily embrace new technologies. LILLIUS' blockchain ecosystem aligns with the preferences of the MZ generation.

1. Health-Driven Spirit of Taking on Challenges

LILLIUS is a cutting-edge exercise and health management service tailored for the MZ generation. Users can pursue their own exercise goals and earn rewards while staying motivated to continue their fitness journey. With the help of accumulated data, LILLIUS will enhance the exercise recommendation feature, ensuring personalized fitness plans that cater to each user's specific needs. This approach fosters continuous motivation for the MZ generation's physical activities.

2. LILLIUS satisfies the competitive spirit of the MZ generation through ranking systems and social sharing

LILLIUS caters to the competitive nature and aspiration for challenges and accomplishments of the MZ generation by offering a ranking system and sharing feature, fostering social competition among users. Through battle mode, users can share their athletic achievements, inspire and motivate each other, and enjoy a dynamic workout experience together, promoting growth and progress in their fitness journey.

3. LILLIUS enables users to fulfill their desire for achievement by supporting them in reaching their athletic goals.

LILLIUS caters to the MZ generation's strong need for achievement, offering them gratifying experiences through gamified challenge content. By successfully completing these challenges, users attain a profound sense of accomplishment, satisfying their competitive drive.

4. LILLIUS has established a robust reward system to incentivize the MZ generation in achieving their exercise goals.

LILLIUS introduces a dynamic reward system that fosters a sense of achievement. Through the allocation of points and tokens based on exercise and challenge performance, it ignites the desire to accomplish fitness goals and drives continuous participation, motivating users towards effective health management.

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