8. Ecosystem

LILLIUS will offer sports challenges through enjoyable and engaging content, while continuously expanding the ecosystem. Moreover, we are committed to enhancing the user experience, ensuring that users can access the service seamlessly on various devices, anytime and anywhere.

The LILLIUS ecosystem is categorized into three main groups: the sports industry group, the digital healthcare industry group, and the Web3 industry group. By combining the existing legacy sports market, the emerging digital healthcare market, and blockchain-powered Web3 technology, we aim to create a new ecosystem.

The sports industry group encompasses institutions, associations, agencies, sports stars, fitness centers, academies, and commerce, connecting all aspects related to sports. In the digital healthcare industry, we extend our services to include smart devices like watches, TVs, wearables, exercise equipment, and medical services. Additionally, we embrace the Web3 industry by connecting metaverse, NFT marketplace, exchanges, DeFi wallets, communities, commerce, and games.

At the heart of this ecosystem are sports fans, and our goal is to provide users with novel experiences, active participation, and various benefits. As per the roadmap, we will enhance the APP services, expand support for multiple devices, and integrate LILLIUS services directly on smart TVs. Collaborations with content commerce marketplaces and exercise and health-related product providers (sportswear, supplies, food, etc.) will be pursued to accommodate increasing user numbers.

Furthermore, LILLIUS will operate integrated online and offline services in collaboration with fitness centers, personal trainers, and sports professionals. By linking with AR/VR devices, we aim to expand into smart physical education services for schools, public institutions, and companies. Through partnerships with metaverse platforms, we envision building a sports metaverse ecosystem.

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