7. Business & Technical Logics

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LILLIUS leverages cutting-edge AI motion analysis technology to power its Web3 Sports Challenge service

The LILLIUS Business is a Web3 Sports Challenge available on mobile and various devices. Users can engage in sports challenges while enjoying video content featuring sports stars and earn rewards based on their exercise performance. Rewards earned from workouts can be redeemed for points and digital assets (LLT) that can be used for various ways.

LILLIUS offers an enjoyable way to lead a healthy lifestyle through sports players' training challenge videos. Our core mission is to bring the joy of exercising anywhere, anytime, supporting the well-being of everyone. By following exercise videos featuring national athletes and various sports stars, users earn rewards akin to a gaming experience. Looking ahead, our plans include supporting multiple devices, including smart TVs, in addition to the current Galaxy Watch integration, and venturing into the metaverse world (AR, VR) through partnerships with linked service providers.

LILLIUS is driven by various features and fuctions, each contributing to its success. These include the AI motion analysis system, momentum measurement system, challenge training program, NFT membership, token (LLT) and point reward, Web3 community, and content commerce. Below, we will delve into the specifics of each model.

7.1 AI motion analysis system

7.2 The momentum measurement and device linkage system

7.3 NFT membership

7.4 Training Program

7.5 The content of LILLIUS is spreading worldwide

7.6 Points, token rewards and where to use (LLT & Points)

7.7 Web3 community

7.8 Content commerce

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