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9. Case Study

University student A, generation Z, college student in her 20s

I am an avid sports enthusiast and a frequent user of fitness apps. While exploring various fitness apps, I came across the LILLIUS app, which stood out to me with its engaging content and rewarding system.
What attracted me the most was the presence of famous sports players who encouraged users to participate in sports challenges through fun video content. The app felt like playing an enjoyable dancing game, and it ignited my interest in sports even more.
Additionally, I was fascinated by the opportunity to watch video contents of various sports events that I had never experienced before. The app provided valuable insights into exercise techniques, which motivated me to download LILLIUS and use it daily for my workouts.
As I continued using the app, I discovered the option to purchase NFTs, and I learned that by doing so, I could receive LLT rewards. This sense of accomplishment, coupled with my daily exercise routine, led me to purchase LILLI NFT and receive the rewarding LLT.
I found great pleasure in using the LLT rewards at the LILLIUS MALL, where I could purchase protein supplements and sportswear as a token of appreciation for my commitment to daily exercise. The overall experience has been highly fulfilling, and LILLIUS has become my go-to fitness app for its enjoyable challenges and enticing rewards.

MZ generation office workers in their 30s, Group B

Recently, I decided to take up golf after some recommendations from friends. Being someone who enjoys digital platforms, I searched the app market for golf-related services and came across the LILLIUS app, which claimed to help correct golf posture through motion analysis technology.
As someone with an interest in investing and virtual assets, I was familiar with NFTs, and it was not difficult for me to purchase NFTs through the app. The prospect of watching golf content, improving my posture, refining my swing, and enhancing my golf skills enticed me to download the LILLIUS app.
The added motivation of claiming LLT rewards every day encouraged me to stay committed to daily exercise. With the LLT rewards, I made purchases at LILLIUS MALL, buying a tee marker and a distance meter to prepare for my upcoming golf round. I must say, LILLIUS is truly the best! The app has combined my love for golf with my passion for digital assets, making my golf journey more enjoyable and rewarding.

Sports athlete fan in her 20s, Ms. C

A few months ago, I saw Player P in action on an entertainment program and instantly became a devoted fan. When I heard through Player P's SNS that they had filmed exercise know-how videos on the LILLIUS APP, my curiosity led me to download the app.
As a newcomer to fitness apps, I was initially apprehensive about using it, but the detailed user guide quickly helped me get comfortable with it. For the first time in my life, I purchased NFTs to follow my favorite player P's workouts and received rewarding benefits. I also explored and bought Player P's merchandise at LILLIUS MALL, which is seamlessly linked to the LILLIUS APP.
Now, I exercise every day to watch sports content in which Player P is directly involved. Thanks to owning the NFT, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a fan meeting event with Player P in person. Furthermore, I'm eagerly looking forward to the upcoming fan meeting within the metaverse, where I can engage with Player P and enjoy a unique experience.
My days are filled with joy as Player P and the LILLIUS APP have naturally become an integral part of my daily life. I eagerly anticipate more engaging content with other players in the future. Keep up the great work!

Sports player D, content provider and academy operator

D is a former national table tennis player who currently runs a table tennis academy.
After retiring, Sports player D dedicated himself to teaching and expanding the table tennis community. Seeing the potential in the LILLIUS APP, he felt it would be a great platform for students struggling to develop consistent habits and for LILLIUS users interested in table tennis to exercise regularly. The students were pleased with the high-quality content and APP, often using it to practice their swing posture even on days without lessons. With many users engaging in his video content and exercising, he accumulated digital tokens (LLT), which he used to support young table tennis players and improve the facilities of his academy, creating a more enjoyable environment for students passionate about table tennis. The rewarding experience motivated him to continue contributing to the table tennis community through LILLIUS.

COMPANY E Collaborating with LILLIUS

We recently joined forces with LILLIUS to develop and create a sports complex within the Metaverse service. The E Metaverse Sports Complex offers a comprehensive sports marketplace that brings together renowned sports players and their fans while bridging the gap between physical and digital products.
Through our collaboration with LILLIUS, we introduced fan meetings and sports merchandise of famous sports players at the E Metaverse Sports Complex, resulting in a significant surge in our user base. This partnership has not only expanded our metaverse universe but also garnered positive feedback from our existing customers and investors.
Our successful collaboration with LILLIUS is attributed to the strong foundation of their sports ecosystem. Moving forward, we aim to maintain this cooperative relationship and actively engage with other companies' ecosystems to further enhance our offerings.

Company F linked to content commerce

The most concerning aspect of launching a new product is undoubtedly the marketing process. Despite having confidence in our product, we were apprehensive about its success due to its lack of recognition among the general public.
In particular, the marketing expenses were daunting as we needed to compete with well-established companies. However, our collaboration with the LILLIUS APP proved to be a game-changer. Partnering with a trusted platform that offers exercise content and national sports stars allowed us to showcase our product and attract more visitors to our shopping mall.
The public's positive reception to the brand collaboration, backed by LILLIUS' credibility, naturally drew users with an interest in fitness to our platform. For sports-related commerce companies like ours, joining forces with LILLIUS was an obvious choice. Their precise targeting of users greatly enhanced the efficiency of our marketing efforts.
We are grateful for the opportunity to improve our brand image and boost our shopping mall sales through this collaboration. Looking ahead, we are enthusiastic about actively participating in expanding our business in the future. Thank you, LILLIUS, for the tremendous impact on our marketing and overall success.