7.3 NFT membership

The LILLI NFT plays an active role in LILLIUS, serving as the user's 'sub character' avatar

LILLI NFT is the native character PFP NFT collection of LILLIUS. As you level up the NFTs, your participation rights in the LILLIUS ecosystem expand, allowing you to receive more energy and rewards. The initial supply of LILLI NFT is set at 10,000 NFTs, with plans for additional issuance as the ecosystem expands.

LILLI NFT is designed to embody the characteristics of various sports, and through 25 levels of upgrades, holders can receive more energy, engage in exercise, and earn points.

LILLI NFT holders receive daily training energy in the LILLIUS APP, allowing them to participate in training and challenges. The amount is determined by the NFT's level and quantity.

In the future, in the metaverse associated with LILLIUS, NFT holders can use their owned LILLI NFTs as avatars.

Sports Figure NFT Collection

In January 2023, LILLIUS launched a sports figure NFT collection. The sports figure NFT is an NFT where you can collect the cool appearances of sports players with LILLIUS as digital figures. NFT holders receive additional daily training energy within the LILLIUS APP and are not exposed to IN-APP advertisements. In the future, LILLIUS plans to introduce sports item NFTs that can decorate LILLI NFTs and various special edition NFTs for sports players.

Membership fan service of sports figure NFT

LILLIUS Sports Figure NFT holders are granted fan membership rights for sports stars who provided training programs, and they receive special opportunities to participate in various events, such as fan meetings and receive autographed souvenirs.

After the release of the Sports Figure NFT, we have plans to introduce various special NFTs continuously, even after the issuance of LILLIUS NFT.

How to Acquire LILLIUS Ecosystem NFTs

  • Purchase LILLIUS' NFTs from NFT marketplaces

  • In the future, we will quantify the contribution of user activity within the LILLIUS service and provide NFT airdrop benefits based on contribution.

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