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2. Executive Summary

Join, flex, share, and unite! Embark on an exciting journey of fitness with LILLIUS, the pioneer of a novel exercise experience.

LILLIUS has innovated by merging blockchain technology and AI sports motion analysis, creating a cutting-edge Web3-based sports challenge reward service. With the expertise of sports stars and a vibrant fan ecosystem, LILLIUS offers a revolutionary AI sports challenge that brings endless enjoyment to anyone, anytime, anywhere.


1. Exciting AI exercise challenges designed for enjoyable gaming experiences

LILLIUS offers a diverse range of sports technology and fitness enhancement content. We've partnered with sports stars to create engaging sports challenges and training content, incorporating AI machine learning based motion recognition technology for real-time interaction between users and sports stars. Furthermore, our 1) LILLIUS character and gamification elements, such as 2) player PFP (Profile Picture) , real-time motion evaluation, and 3) reward system, 4) foster a ecosystem that encourages continuous exercise and enjoyment, going beyond just one-time workouts.

2. Exciting AI exercise challenges designed for enjoyable gaming experiences

LILLIUS encourages you to share and showcase your sports challenge achievements with friends. With the LILLIUS Challenge Battle Mode, you can participate in various sports events, fostering motivation to keep exercising. Experience athletic competitions and events that were once limited to offline settings, now interact with acquaintances through the LILLIUS APP.
Competitions and event will be held online and also offline. LILLIUS will conduct a regular offline event called the 'LILLI Olympic,' where our users and athletes can work out and compete together.

3. Social Sharing System for Challenge Accomplishments and Achievements in LILLIUS

LILLIUS motivates you to share and showcase your sports challenge accomplishments with friends. Your challenge history is easily accessible within the LILLIUS APP, and you can effortlessly share it on external social media platforms. By sharing sports challenge and exercise records, LILLIUS users inspire and motivate their acquaintances to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle.

4. Implementation of the Reward System Utilizing LILLIUS' Own Blockchain Ecosystem Technology and Infrastructure

LILLIUS has extensive experience in issuing and selling NFT collections (Sports Figure NFT collection), enabling advanced technologies like NFT generation, metadata extraction, and contract proof of ownership. We plan to issue various NFT collections that users can use within the LILLIUS service, and we'll support multiple wallet services for seamless on-chain linkage.
To cater to both Web2 and Web3 users, we've introduced a familiar point reward system.
Web2 users are rewarded with points, while Web3 users receive rewards in the form of both points and tokens, ensuring a familiar reward system for all users. Web3 users who hold NFTs can conveniently claim LLT (LILLIUS tokens) within the app, equivalent to the energy expended during their workout, through a user-friendly UI/UX provided by the LILLIUS app.
This dual approach fosters a healthy blockchain sports ecosystem, motivating users from both realms to engage in exercise and earn rewards.