14.2 Advisors

[Sports Content]

Park Tae-hwan (Athlete), Shin Yoo-bin (Athlete), Nam Hyun-hee (Athlete), Ryu Seo-yeon (Athlete), Jung Ji-hyun (Athlete), Lee Yong-dae (Athlete), Joo Hyun-jeong (Athlete), Heung Seok-man (Athlete), Jang Woo-jin (Athlete), Park Sung-hyun (Athlete), Kim Taek-soo (Athlete), Lee Won-hee (Athlete), Jung Young-sik (Athlete), Park Jin-yong (Athlete), Cho Jung-myeong (Athlete), Lee Dae-hoon (Athlete), Gong Hyo-seok (Athlete), Shin A-ram (Athlete), Lee Mi-hyang (Athlete), Park Da-sol (Athlete), Moon So-yeon (Athlete), Im Seung-hyun (Athlete), Lee Ji-yoon (Athlete), Kim Ji-yu (Athlete), Madman, Lee Soo-yeon (Athlete), Jeon Ji-won (Athlete), Hong Ye-eun (Athlete), Lee Ji-yeon (Athlete), Moon Sung-mo (Athlete), Jo Yeon-hee (Athlete), Song Kyung-seo, Jo Min-jeong (Athlete), Lee Seung-soo (Athlete), Lee Ye-seo (Athlete), and others.

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