7.4 Training Program

LILLIUS collaborates with domestic and international sports stars, offering workout content developed in direct partnership with them

LILLIUS offers comprehensive training programs with the participation of approximately 70 world-class Olympic stars and renowned athletes, including fencing empress Nam Hyeonhee, taekwondo champion Lee Daehoon, and table tennis fairy Shin Yubin. These programs are designed and coached by sports medalists and experts, providing expert guidance in Olympic sports such as golf and fencing, which are challenging to learn independently. Users can experience 1:1 training sessions with professional players through the app, receiving real-time feedback on exercise accuracy through the AI motion analysis system. The platform also offers exciting exercise challenge content to keep users motivated and engaged.

LILLIUS Sports Challenge offers a unique experience of receiving exercise lessons directly from real players, including tailored physical training programs for each sport event and professional skill lessons. The exercise content is specially designed as high-definition vertical videos optimized for smartphones, ensuring intuitive learning of training movements.

In the future, we aim to enhance the training program further by integrating offline on-site lessons along with the online service, providing users with even more effective and comprehensive training options.

7.4.1 The Training Energy System allows users to engage in exercise challenges by utilizing their training energy

To participate in training and challenges, you need 'training energy.' The amount of energy required for each challenge and training content is set, and successful completion results in rewards proportional to the energy used.

Users holding LILLIUS NFTs receive a daily allocation of energy, and the amount given is determined based on the level and quantity of their LILLIUS NFTs. For users without NFTs, training energy can be earned through daily login and app access.

7.4.2 Challenge Training Program

An enriching exercise challenge that leads you to success through daily commitment

Users have the freedom to kick start challenges and training by directly choosing sports events, players, and exercise programs.

LILLIUS is a platform where users can participate in training programs using energy. If they achieve an exercise result score of 70 or more during the training program, they can get LILLIUS points. Users can also use Energy to participate in specific challenges, and users who participate and complete missons in the challenge are rewarded with additional LILLIUS points as a reward for the challenge.

Upon completion of the program, if the exercise result score is less than 70, the energy used to participate in the program will not be deducted.

LILLIUS Challenge, where you can experience daily exercise like a game

LILLIUS' challenge and training contents stand out from other exercise services as they are based on AI motion analysis technology and 1:1 training with sports stars. With real-time evaluation scores for user motions through AI motion analysis, users receive immediate feedback on their motion consistency. Additionally, LILLIUS introduces its main character IP on the main screen, which act as a user's 'sub character', will incorporate gamification elements in the future. The main character assignment and rewards for participation and success in exercise challenges motivate users to continuously excel in their fitness journey.

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