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12. Token Economics & Fund

Encompasses Web2 and Web3 users, ensuring a wide target audience reach through an inclusive compensation policy

LILLIUS' ecosystem rewards encompass LLT, a token-based reward, and points as general rewards. By incorporating a point system familiar to general Web2 users and token rewards appealing to Web3 targets, we aim to expand our user base, attracting both Apptech users and dAPP and Web3 customers alike.

For LILLIUS Web3 Contributors Encourage continued ecosystem participation with LLT token rewards

It is exclusively distributed to holders of LILLIUS official NFTs. Acquired LLT can be claimed and stored in the user's virtual asset wallet within the APP. Athletes providing athletic content on LILLIUS also receive LLT as rewards. Users can utilize LLT as a payment method for acquiring LILLIUS NFTs, upgrading existing NFTs, and engaging in related content commerce.
  • Claim process: Complete training/challenge ▶ Score 70 points or more ▶ Receive off-chain LLT ▶ Receive on-chain LLT via Claim button

The definition of LLT

  • Definition: LLT is the primary digital currency of LILLIUS issued on the Polygon chain, serving as the main token and currency within the LILLIUS blockchain ecosystem.
  • Target: LLT can be acquired by users who hold LILLIUS NFTs and have linked their digital wallets in the LILLIUS APP, and have completed challenges and training.

Increasing the user base and promoting commerce consumption by offering point rewards

Points are a reward system extensively used within the LILLIUS service, given upon the successful completion of LILLIUS Challenge and training. The number of points awarded matches the energy required for participating in the challenge and training. These points can be utilized as a form of currency at the LILLIUS Mall. The point system aims to engage both Web3 and Web2 users, encouraging Web2 users to transition to Web3 onboarding and actively participate in the blockchain ecosystem. Points are distributed, accounting for 35% of the T2E volume in Token Allocation.

Compensation payment policy for each reward

  • LLT Payment Policy
    • Upon linking the wallet, whenever a user with LILLI NFT engages in a challenge or training content, a specific percentage of LLT is rewarded based on the amount of energy consumed during the activity. The reward ratio may be subject to change in the future to align with anti-inflation measures.
    • In the future, we intend to introduce exclusive challenges solely accessible to users with LILLI NFT. Successfully completing these challenges will result in LLT rewards.
  • Point payment policy
    • Points in the LILLIUS APP are rewards provided by LILLIUS for all users, including general users and users with NFTs.
    • Users of the LILLIUS APP must score 70 points or more in training or challenge content to pass and consume energy.
    • Users with LILLI NFT or subscriptions receive additional points through the challenge.
    • Points cannot be exchanged for LLT.
    • Points can be exchanged for points at the LILLIUS Mall through the LILLIUS Mall Reserve Exchange’ function in the LILLIUS APP.
    • The validity period of the point is limited to the period during which the LILLIUS service is commercialized, and the policy on the validity period is subject to change.
    • Points exchanged for points are valid for 1 year from the date of accumulation, and unused points within the validity period automatically expire after 0:00 on the scheduled expiration date. (Example) Points accumulated on April 1, 2020 can be used until April 1, 2021.