7.2 The momentum measurement and device linkage system

Generate exercise synergy by integrating and linking multiple devices

LILLIUS, the platform, evaluates users' exercise performance by calling the heart rate on the smartwatch, and tracks the user's heart rate during exercise. In addition, the age and resting heart rate information provided by the user when setting up the smartwatch are used as important indicators for heart rate evaluation.

LILLIUS plans to provide a push notification service to prevent excessive exercise when the heart rate is measured above a certain level, as well as to check whether or not users are exercising through heart rate measurement. LILLIUS will suggest regular exercise through easy and fun content, and at the same time update a function that alerts users when an excessive heart rate is observed so that they can exercise safely and accurately.

Through the linkage between the LILLIUS APP and the smartwatch, LILLIUS plans to deploy a service that verifies the progress of the exercise by using the heart rate data of the smartwatch for various aerobic exercises such as treadmills, indoor bikes, and various aerobic exercises that are difficult to measure using motion analysis services. In addition, starting with the heart rate tracking system, LILLIUS plans to expand and provide content in the fields of sleep, weight, and outdoor activities.

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