11.1 Service Architecture

This is the comprehensive server configuration (architecture) of the LILLIUS service. The public network includes the training API and the training content section, catering to users' needs. Meanwhile, the private network establishes a link to the blockchain for the data of players who offer training programs.

Phase 1 of the LILLIUS service focuses on supporting the Android/IOS smartphone environment. Phase 2 expands its support to include smart TVs and smartwatches. Phase 3 encompasses multiple devices, including AR and VR devices.

As the above phases progress, the system will also receive updates. Firstly, the exercise evaluation score extraction technology and reward service will be updated. Next, the reward service (T2E) linkage will be adjusted based on exercise results, taking into account the number of exercise participants and user feedback. Lastly, VR sports content and AR exercise lecture services, along with motion analysis technology, will be gradually updated.

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