7.6 Points, token rewards and where to use (LLT & Points)

LILLIUS aims to broaden its user base by targeting both Web2 and Web3 users. Unlike typical dAPP services that exclusively reward Web3 users with tokens, LILLIUS ensures that Web2 general users also receive points as rewards upon successful completion of challenges and training. Web2 users can redeem LILLIUS Mall credits, and web3 users with LILLI NFTs can burn points to receive LLT airdrops.

LILLIUS Goods Glossary

LILLIUS APP Rewards and Goods Glossary:

  1. Compensation:

  • Points or LLTs users earn by participating in exercises or specific activities within the LILLIUS APP.

  • Rewards are categorized into "Training Rewards", "Challenge Rewards", and "Other Rewards(Events)".

  1. Energy:

  • Consumed during participation in training rewards and challenges.

  • Users can acquire energy through the following means:

    • All users receive 5 energy daily through APP activities.

    • LILLIUS NFT holders receive energy based on the level and quantity of their NFTs.

    • Holders of NFT collections issued by LILLIUS receive additional daily energy according to the energy payment policy.

  1. Training Rewards:

  • Rewards earned by completing exercise content using energy.

  • Each user receives 20 point for every 1 energy consumed.

  • The amount of points rewarded for energy consumption is subject to change based on service policy.

  1. Challenge Rewards:

  • Rewards acquired through participation in challenges.

  1. Other Rewards:

  • Rewards awarded through in-app events (attendance events, ranking events, referral events).

  1. Point:

  • Points are accumulated based on each user's activity within the LILLIUS APP and can be earned through training rewards and energy expenditure challenge rewards.

  • Awarded to all LILLIUS members, with 20 point rewarded for every 1 energy consumed.

  • Points can be utilized as currency at LILLIUS Mall, with a point:point exchange rate of 1:1.

  1. LLTs (LILLIUS Tokens):

  • The main token of the LILLIUS token ecosystem.

  • Users who hold LILLI NFTs can burn their points to receive LLT airdrops.

    • The airdrop rate is updated based on LLT's price information.

Where to use Point Rewards

  1. Points can be redeemed for LILLIUS Mall credits, which can be applied to discounts for purchasing items in the LILLI Mall, and can be used to purchase sporting goods in the Mall, redeem energy coupons available in the LILLIUS APP, and more.

  2. LILLI NFT holders can burn their points and redeem for LLT airdrops.

Where to use LLT Token Rewards

  1. Content providers and players who offer training program videos receive LLT tokens as rewards.

  2. LLT token can be used by users to upgrade the level of their held LILLI NFTs, and the LLT used by users is reclaimed by the platform for the purpose of content creation and IP acquisition.

  3. LLT token allows users in the LILLIUS-affiliated sports stars' fan communities to purchase collection NFTs of their favorite sports stars.

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